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Programs that Address Health Challenges

Meals on Wheels

Citizens Service League provides hot cooked meals for persons living alone or who are having difficulty preparing meals because of age or disability. The meal on Wednesday and Thursday is delivered for noon at a cost of $6.00 per meal and typically consists of meat or fish, potatoes or rice, two vegetables, and a roll and dessert. Friday’s meals is delivered by 4 pm at a cost of $5.00.


Sincerest thanks go out to our many volunteer cooks and drivers who have made Meals on Wheels possible in our community since 1973, along with the groups who prepare meals year round.


Anyone interested in receiving one or more meals a weeks are encouraged to contact Town House at (902) 849-2449.

Community Friends

Community Friends is a social group of people who may have limited opportunities for social activities due to emotional or other illnesses. This group meets weekly throughout the year for activities such as bowling, darts, crafts, and special guest speakers.

Each year, the group has a Christmas party and at least one special outing to someplace of interest to the members. For more information, please contact Town House at (902) 849-2449.

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