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Have You Been Asked? Campaign

Research shows that one of the main reasons people cite for not volunteering is that they have not been asked. Bissix, Carlsson, MacIntyre, and Boudreau (2001) surveyed Glace Bay and Kings County, N.S. residents about their volunteer activities and attitudes about volunteering. Not being asked was a barrier to volunteering in both communities. Volunteer Canada reports that 51% of non-volunteers have not become involved simply because no one has asked them to. With less and less funding available to the non-profit sector for staffing and core programming, Town House requires volunteers to carry out daily activities and bring fresh ideas and passions to the organization. We require a diverse group of citizens of varying ages, backgrounds cultures and abilities to meet the needs of clients and ensure multifaceted service delivery.


With the above knowledge in mind, we want to target community members of various ages, backgrounds and abilities and ask them to be involved in their community in some way that meets their availability and passions — while supporting them to do so through our Volunteer Resource Centre

Cards have been created and printed that contain ‘teasers’ to evoke curiosity in citizens about volunteerism as well as pins and bumper stickers. A poster using the “Have you Been Asked?” logo has been placed in strategic locations to peak interest. This poster contains our phone number and a weblink directing those interested to the Townhouse website to learn more.

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