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Community Day Center

Town House, Citizens Service League recognizes the need for a safe space for community members experiencing hardships to go during the daylight hours. 
We are in the process of applying for funding to create a Community Day Centre in the basement of our building at 150 Commercial Street in Glace Bay. 

Please feel free to call Town House, or check back on this page for more information on our progress on this important initiative. 

This day center will provide access to showers, laundry facilities, internet access, cell phone charging stations, and a mailbox system that will be incredibly important for people to access services and supports as well as access to a land line where our staff will help book appointments and take messages on their behalf.

We will also provide clothing from our social enterprise thrift store, and referrals to supports and services. Our immediate goal is to meet some basic, urgent needs by providing support, access to essential hygiene facilities, access to resources, and restoring hope and dignity to those who are experiencing hardship.

Our intention is to provide a "home base" where people without a fixed address, or who just need an alternative safe space to home can relax, escape the elements feel welcome and safe and access services and support. 

To help us make this program a reality, you can donate here.

To read our proposal for the Community Day Centre, click here. 

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