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Guiding Principles and Values

Respect – at the core of our interactions is respect – respect towards one another and towards property. We show respect through active listening and conflict resolution.

Compassion, Support and Dignity – we show compassion for citizens living and working through difficult and challenging life circumstances by showing support, locating resources, and being non-judgmental.

Diversity – we are inclusive of citizens regardless of their gender, age, culture, religious background, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, and/or ability.

Volunteerism – we rely on the kind heartedness of citizens who give their time, energy and ideas to support our day-to-day operations. We support volunteers to ensure they are using their capabilities while learning new skills and forming new connections.

Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity – through professionalism we represent the League and its long respected work. We maintain ethical standards and follow internal policies and external codes and guidelines. We uphold confidentiality by maintaining high standards in the storage and sharing of private information. We improve upon ourselves by taking action on performance appraisals, setting goals and attending courses and workshops, when able.

Action-oriented and Positive – we aim to take action by helping to fill community needs and address risk factors by building on assets and strengths. We attempt to grow and change in line with community need.

Rooted in community – we believe in community engagement, forging partnerships and consultation. We aim to involve community members in our programs and activities. We seek to include a variety stakeholders such as other non-profit organizations, faith groups, health and mental health organizations, schools and post secondary institutions, businesses, service clubs, senior’s groups, and politicians.

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