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Other Programs

Town House, Glace Bay Citizens Service League runs many programs to support the well-being of our community.
Below is a list of the current programs we are running, please contact the office for information on upcoming projects and programs. 

We provide delicious, healthy meals to individuals in Glace Bay and surrounding areas who are unable to prepare meals for themselves.


Meals on Wheels focuses on caring for individuals whose diminished mobility makes it hard to shop for food, prepare meals or socialize with others.

What we do:

  • Help nonprofit and service organizations find suitable volunteers

  • Help community members find volunteer opportunities that best suit their skills, interests, and availability

  • Assist organizations with their volunteer programs 

  • Build awareness about volunteerism

Community Friends is a social group of people who may have limited opportunities for social activities due to accessibility, health concerns, or a myriad of  other reasons. This group meets weekly throughout the year for activities such as bowling, darts, crafts, and special guest speakers.

Town House offers a wide variety of courses to the community and is open to requests for new courses. 
The following courses are currently being offered:

  • Babysitting Course

  • First Aid Course

  • Safe Boating Course

  • Naloxone Course

The Senior Brunch Program is for seniors who want to socialize, meet new people, connect with old friends, and just “get out of the house”. It’s normal to experience feelings of loneliness and/or isolation when you spend most of your time at home- especially after these last two years, our brunch is a great way to shake off the winter blues and get back to feeling like yourself again.

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