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Seniors Programs

Senior Brunch Program

Running from October to June at St. Mary’s Hall, the Senior Brunch Program is for seniors who are unable or are not interested in producing nutritious meals for themselves because they are experiencing feels of loneliness and/or isolation and do not bother to cook fore themselves to eat alone. Brunch is served in one sitting at 10:30am and followed by entertainment. There is a silver collection at the door. To reserve a seat, please contact Town House at (902) 849-2449.

Senior Contact Program

The Senior Contact Program is designed for older individuals who are experiencing feelings of loneliness and/or isolation. Volunteers contact seniors on a weekly basis to provide regular telephone calls and a listening ear to those who have few social contacts. This program provides seniors who are unable or unwilling to get out to activities into the community with a form of socialization and gives them a sense of community. If you know anyone who would benefit from receiving regular telephone calls through this program, please contact Town House at (902) 849-2449.

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